Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New Year, New Geek

Due to a huge kerfuffle after summer leave with our computer systems, and iphones being pants, this blog has been left to rot.  well now its kinda sorted and we're back!

thanks to the Table Top Gaming - UK Armed Forces facebook group we have fresh impetus.  we even have two guys attending the London Grand Tournament.

loads going on over this next year, new year new armies, new events, new people!

the huge thing with doing the blog through google chrome at work is it does not allow me to upload pictures, i'll sort this asap.

to give you a taster of what is happening over this year we have the following coming up:

Feb 17:  40k league round 3 starts

Feb 17:  Khemri cup bloodbowl league starts

Feb/Mar 17:  30k campaign

March/July 17:  Apocalypse BBQ weekends!!!!

16 March 17:  Supporting Young Engineers Challenge at HMS Sultan

22nd April 17:  Group meet at Salute, London Excel

Winter 17: TTG-UKAF group meet 2

All Year:  TTG-UKAF campaign

more events to happen and be attended as and when they are organised.

hopefully we'll get our web stuff sorted soon and i can get back to doing this proper.

for now, peace out.

Monday, 1 August 2016

A busy weekend!

Southampton's Forbidden Planet visited and goods for cash exchanged, Wagamamas smashed in, stuff built, stuff played!

Think Pussers compensating for not having 3 penises...the weirdo....

Jasons lovely Mor Deythan assassins, shame they didn't last long against the big guy...

The big guy! ready for sailing with his hazardous duty lifejacket on...

In a galaxy far far away MORE x-wing got played this weekend, personally 9 games, few more between Jason and Pusser!

In the far future, but not as far away as 40k, or as far away as star wars, Deathguard were ambushed by the Ravenguard in a 2500pt dominion game, narrow DG win, good showing from the little sparrows though. Unfortunately for the birdies a smattering of hardened armour and correct application of dreads overcame the massed infantry.

Parting shot....

Friday, 29 July 2016

Little space ships

So we've had a couple of new guys join us at the club, so we gave them a taster of what we do.  Not big 40k players, yet, so we thought something easier to play, fast, frantic, and above all fun!  enter x-wing!

loads of fun had by all, we now have 2 more star wars enthusiasts!!!  hands down the second most popular game played at the club at the minute.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Conflict Contraptions

I know! two posts in one day, go crazy! 

so we've heard of a game called Conflict Contraptions here and there's one guy in particular at the club who is really into it.  another plays along with him but i think his heart is really in zombies....

so as the name suggests i expect to see great honking walkers and tanks smashing the bejeezus out of each other not......trolls???  even if they are nicely painted, and supposed to be white....

And yes Mr Dix, i do know it is called War Machine and is apparently superior to any other game system ever made, i also do not wish to play it, just thought i'd try and show you some love and make you feel involved.  big kiss!

Everyone loves a fully painted army!

yes everyone loves a painted army but few get to complete this goal in their days of geekery as new additions will always want to be included and other projects will always get in the way.  so what i think i'm getting at is all we end up being left with is a have finished jumble of colour as you've inevitably decided to change colour tones half way through, or in my case with howling griffons where the sepia wash either got better or sunburst yellow was not as good a paint as flash gits yellow.

either way what we are always going to have to photgraph is 'what we have done so far....'

nice little selection for you, my Questoris Dark Mech House Atrax, 30k Death Guard, 30k Night Lords, Simons Imperial Guard air wing and G's so far pile (don't take the p!$$ its the furthest we've gotten for a while! they're nearly 3 colour table ready!)

As always, enjoy.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Space Hulk!!!

Since painting the lovely plastic crack, buying the battlefoam and working out just how to put the bloody things in said battlefoam the new Space Hulk set sat deep and dark in a cupboard until last week.  Now it is getting the TLC and gaming it deserves.

We've found out two very important aspects from two viewpoints:
Nids: Overwatch sucks balls!!!!  Rending claws rock!!!
Marines: Overwatch (when used correctly) is the emperors benevolent gift to us and we shall smite the alien with it!!!  Why does my tactical dreadnought armour have the consistency of paper?!

marines marginally in the lead so far, beauty of it is just 7 or so games down, 6 of the regulars have tried their hand and agree it is a very nice game, easy rules, quick to play, hard to win!


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!! 11500pt Game

Well well well, been a few weeks and what a few weeks its been!  more money has been spent, more man hours have been put into some painting but the biggest most epic part of the last few weeks took place last weekend. 

Simon, our illustrious IG and GK player has been itching to use all, yes ALL, of his guard for a while.  My Howling Griffons and resident Knight house gladly obliged to take the kicking.

Cue 11500 points of 40k goodness!  board was set up as 12'x4' setting up on the long edges.  This took place over around 2h30m on the saturday night (just to deploy and roll for first turn!).

Sunday consisted of a total 11h30m in club, approx 9h30m of actual play.  4 full turns resulted in a narrow guard victory 31-27. 

Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 2 dead pile.....

Turn 4

Wowzer what an absolute epic!

MotM/MVP is a toss up between the shadowsword who in one shot took out two stalkers, a hunter and a void shield generator (which saved the marauder and lightning), or the commissar and his conscripts who held up Gerantius The Forgotten Knight for 5 phases of melee!!!

bash x